MUNI ECON Working Papers

Submission Guidelines

(1) Who may submit?

The Working Paper Series is open to submissions from Masaryk University staff and affiliates only.

(2) Can I still submit my paper elsewhere?

We place no restrictions on submitting your paper simultaneously to other working paper series. Please be aware that journals or publishers have individual policies that determine the terms and conditions e.g. which article version may be used and when the article can be made openly accessible in the repository. If you want to know open access policy of the journal, you can check SHERPA/RoMEO database or you can contact us. It is your responsibility to ensure that publication in the MUNI ECON Working Paper Series poses no copyright conflicts as you cannot withdraw your paper once it is online.

(3) At what stage should I submit my paper to the MUNI ECON Working Paper?

While you are free to submit papers at any stage of the production pipeline, an ideal time might be when you initially submit the paper to a journal, conference volume or other book. At that point the Working Paper would still benefit from comments, yet it would not replicate the eventually published version. Please note that we do not update, replace or delete papers once they have been circulated. We thus suggest that you do not submit your paper at a very preliminary stage.

(4) How do I submit?

We require online submission sending the paper to

(5) What are the formatting requirements?

File format: We accept files in PDF format only. Since we produce our own abstract page, please make sure that the body of your paper starts on a separate page.
Paper details: Submission must include abstract (maximum length 900 characters with spaces), keywords, JEL classification, and all authors' affiliations.
Contact details: Please include both e-mail and postal address of the corresponding author. Note that we provide contact details for one author only, which will usually be the submitting author – unless you inform us otherwise.

(6) How Are The Papers Circulated?

MUNI ECON Working Papers are available online through RePEc. Working Paper Series has an ISSN number (2571-130X), but papers have no DOI.

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