MUNI ECON Working Papers

The aim of the MUNI ECON Working Papers is to make research at Masaryk University available to other economists to encourage discussion and suggestions for further revisions. Working Papers are listed in RePEc and EconStor.


n. 2021-09 Adamus, M., Grežo, M. Individual Differences in Behavioural Responses to the Financial Threat Posed by the COVID-19 Pandemic
n. 2021-08 Hargreaves Heap, S. P., Karadimitropoulou, A., Levi, E. Narrative based information: is it the facts or their packaging that matters?
n. 2021-07 Hargreaves Heap, S. P., Levi, E., Ramalingam, A. Group identification and giving: in-group love, out-group hate and their crowding out
n. 2021-06 Medda, T., Pelligra, V., Reggiani, T. Lab-Sophistication: Does Repeated Participation in Laboratory Experiments Affect Pro-Social Behaviour?
n. 2021-05 Guzi, M., Kahanec, M., Ulceluse M., M. Europe’s migration experience and its effects on economic inequality
n. 2021-04 Fazio, A., Reggiani, T., Sabatini, F. The political cost of lockdown´s enforcement
n. 2021-03 Peciar, V. Empirical investigation into market power, markups and employment
n. 2021-02 Abraham, D., Greiner, B., Stephanides, M. On the Internet you can be anyone: An experiment on strategic avatar choice in online marketplaces
n. 2021-01 Krčál, O., Peer, S., Staněk, R. Can time-inconsistent preferences explain hypothetical biases?


n. 2020-04 Pelligra, V., Reggiani, T., Zizzo, D.J. Responding to (Un)Reasonable Requests by an Authority
published in: Theory and Decision, 2020, Article
n. 2020-03 de Pedraza, P., Guzi, M., Tijdens, K. Life Dissatisfaction and Anxiety in COVID-19 pandemic
n. 2020-02 de Pedraza, P., Guzi, M., Tijdens, K. Life Satisfaction of Employees, Labour Market Tightness and Matching Efficiency
published in: International Journal of Manpower, 2020, Article
n. 2020-01 Fišar, M., Reggiani, T., Sabatini, F., Špalek, J. Media Bias and Tax Compliance: Experimental Evidence


n. 2019-08 Fišar, M., Krčál, O., Špalek, J., Staněk, R., Tremewan, J. A Competitive Audit Selection Mechanism with Incomplete Information
n. 2019-07 Guzi, M., Mikula, M., Huber, P. Old sins cast long shadows: The Long-term impact of the resettlement of the Sudetenland on residential
n. 2019-06 Mikula, M., Montag, J. Does homeownership hinder labor market activity? Evidence from housing privatization and restitution in Brno
n. 2019-05 Krčál, O., Staněk, R., Slanicay, M. Made for the job or by the job? A lab-in-the-field experiment with firefighters
published in: Research in Economics, 2019, Article
n. 2019-04 Bruni, L., Pelligra, V., Reggiani, T., Rizzolli, M. The Pied Piper: Prizes, Incentives, and Motivation Crowding-in
published in: Journal of Business Ethics, 2019, Article
n. 2019-03 Krčál, O., Staněk, R., Karlínová, B., Peer, S. Real consequences matters: why hypothetical biases in the valuation of time persist even in controlled lab experiments
n. 2019-02 Corazzini, L., Cotton, C., Reggiani, T. Delegation And Coordination With Multiple Threshold Public Goods: Experimental Evidence
published in: Experimental Economics, 2020, Article
n. 2019-01 Fišar, M., Krčál, O., Staněk, R., Špalek, J. The Effects of Staff-rotation in Public Administration on the Decision to Bribe or be Bribed
published in: Public Performance & Management Review, 2020, Article


n. 2018-02 Guzi, M., Kahanec, M. Income Inequality and the Size of Government: A Causal Analysis
n. 2018-01 Geraci, A., Nardotto, M., Reggiani, T., Sabatini, F. 2018. Broadband Internet and Social Capital

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