Young Economists Meeting 2018


GUZI Martin

Druh Uspořádání konference
Popis The Young Economists' Meeting 2018 hosted participants from more than 20 universities. The Best Paper Award prize was presented to David Schindler for the paper Shocking Racial Attitudes: Black G.I.s in Europe . We also thank our guest speakers Maroš Servátka (MGSM Experimental Economics Laboratory Sydney) and Mathias Czaika (Danube University Krems) for taking the time and effort to be with us.
Since 2015, the Young Economists' Meeting has gained the reputation for a highly international audience and quality speakers. The conference attracts large numbers of Ph.D. students (typically two-thirds of participants), postdoctoral researchers and young scholars from around the world. The program and photos from conference are published at the YEM website.
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