Study enrolment

General information about enrolment

Those that may be enrolled for the doctoral studies are only those admitted applicants, who completed their master’s studies and received the relevant degree.

We will inform you about the exact date of enrolment by mail and on this website. For the enrolment, bring a certified copy of your diploma or a document proving the completion of the master’s studies, (master’s graduates from Masaryk University may submit a non-certified copy), recognition certificate valid identity card and writing tools.

Foreigners will submit proof of validation of a foreign university degree, if the document has been issued in a foreign country and unless otherwise stated by an international treaty (does not apply to graduates from schools located in the Slovak Republic). Detailed information about the recognition of foreign degrees and qualifications can be found here.

According to applicable legislation, newly admitted students are obliged to familiarise themselves with regulations concerning fire prevention as well as health and workplace safety and protection. For that purpose, the regulations concerning fire prevention and health and workplace safety and protection must be read carefully here.

At enrolment, applicants will receive information about the studies, password and login data for access to the university network and faculty computer rooms.

Electronic study enrollment

Enrollment in the study takes place in the E-application.

Steps that will lead you to successful enrollment in studies at ECON MUNI:

1. In your e-application, you will find a new "Enroll in the study" button.

2. After clicking this button, you will be taken to a new page where you must check two confirmations:

  1. Consent to study enrollment
  2. Confirmation that you are familiar with Fire Prevention and Security

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Once you confirm these two fields and click on the "Enroll in the study" button, your enrollment will be confirmed on the next page.

3. Under the confirmation in the wording "Study enrollment was successful" you will find one very important number - UČO (person's university number). Remember and write down this number, it will accompany you throughout your studies at Masaryk University. You will use them to log in to the MU Information System - the "Log in to MU IS" button will take you there, which you will find immediately below the registration confirmation.

4. By clicking on the "Sign in to IS MU" button, you will be taken to a page where you can set your temporary password. If you have already studied at MU and have been assigned a UČO, you log in with your existing primary password.

5. After setting your own password, you can log in to IS MU. You will be in the "person not identified" status for the time being, which will be prominently signaled on each of your IS MU pages. To enter the application, which will guide you through the identification process, just click on the "verify identity" button.


Make the authentication as soon as possible, because without it you will not be able to download the electronic study certificate yourself. Applicants who have already studied at MU are already identified (identification will not be offered to them).

1. The process of "authentication" takes place through the Citizen's Identity:

The portal serves as a tool for safe and guaranteed identity verification of users of online public administration services. Various means of identification are used to prove identity online.

Identify at

2. Applicants who provide evidence of completed education through nostrification or verification will carry out the "authentication" process using an online video call:

For authentication, you will need a device with a camera and microphone and ID card or passport. If possible, please use the integrated webcam in the laptop or an external camera connected to the desktop computer.

The application guides the user through the entire process step by step, just follow the displayed instructions. The person will gradually confirm that they want to verify their identity, record their face and identity card. After the recording is finished, the authentication request is automatically made available to the staff of the study department, or other authorized persons. If the video recording is all right, the authentication request is approved and an automatic e-mail is sent to the user with a link to set a new primary password to IS MU. Then the whole process is completed successfully.

Authentication Using Video Call

If you don't know what to do, use the help:;setlang=en

Taking photos into IS

All information regarding the photo shoot can be found here:

Get the photo as soon as possible, because the photo in IS MU is necessary for the preparation of the ISIC card and the student ID card.

Alternative enrolment date

If you cannot appear on the regular enrolment date, please send a written excuse via e-mail to by the regular enrolment date at the latest.

Mgr. Lucie Přikrylová

PhD study coordinator - Research and Projects Office

Phone: +420 549 49 6693

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