Academic Exchange

In terms of academic exchange, the Faculty of Economics and Administration cooperates with many universities from all over the world. Internationalization and the increase of academic mobility has become a priority and key aspect of future direction of the faculty. For that reason, foreign academics are most welcome to visit Masaryk University and become part of our teaching or research teams.

The majority of teaching exchange programmes are administered by the Centre for International Cooperation, therefore the academics should address them directly.

After successful registration with the Centre for International Cooperation, we at the faculty level will help you organize a “supervisor” for you, i.e. a domestic academic who will take care of you during your stay and in whose course you could teach.

For more details, please see the description of the programme in question:

If you are interested in conducting research in cooperation with the academics from Masaryk University, please get in touch with the corresponding department. The faculty structure can be seen here.

Should you have any question, please contact the International Office at