Public Administration               (Administration publique)

Programme Overview

Are you interested in a “double degree” in two world languages? Do you want to get an education in two accredited universities? Do you want to obtain good prospects for a career in top positions in public administration or international organisations, as well as in the private sector? Do you want the European Erasmus+ programme to pay for part of your studies? If you answered yes to the above questions, the Public Administration (Administration publique) programme is for you.

The Public Administration (Administration publique) study programme is prepared by Masaryk University in Brno and the University of Rennes in France. Czech and French teachers take turns in teaching, part of the teaching is in English and part in French. The programme is aimed at preparing highly qualified employees in public administration, but its graduates also find employment in the private sector in positions where they use their acquired knowledge and skills. The curriculum is strongly interdisciplinary and uses the proven know-how of the renowned participating universities, emphasising hard-skills knowledge but also developing soft-skills for easier employment. The programme has the prestigious international accreditation of the EAPAA, so it is one of a handful of the best programmes in the region. Along with solid economic knowledge, graduates receive an education in the broad field of administrative sciences and law. Through internships in Czech and French public institutions and special courses, graduates strengthen their prerequisites for finding a successful job after graduation.

The final output of the student and his/her studies in the programme is a diploma thesis, which verifies his/her ability to apply the acquired theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the elaboration of a specific topic in the field of public administration, public finance or public policy. Students have the opportunity to choose topics using their experience from internships in Czech and French public administration institutions.

Graduates receive French and Czech university diplomas, giving them the chance to work in interesting positions in many countries. Moreover, discussions with graduates show that double degree participants are more satisfied in their jobs and have slightly higher salaries than graduates who did not go abroad for an internship during their studies.

✓ Two practical internships (one at Czech and the other at French institution)

✓ Part of the study held at the University of Rennes in France

✓ Improve your English and French langauge skills in the field

Graduate Employment

Successful graduates of the Czech-French Public Administration (Administration publique) programme work in European Union institutions, Czech ministries and many other interesting positions in the public sector. They have also obtained positions in the French–Czech Chamber of Commerce, as well as in private international companies such as Gardner Denver.

“The MFTAP programme allowed me to learn the basics of economics, public administration and to deepen my knowledge of the functioning of the EU, which became crucial for my future employers. I have worked on economic issues at the Office of the Government and now at the European Commission, where I also benefit from practical experience of working in a foreign language environment.”

Petra Št'astná Petra Št'astná
European Commission

“I decided to study an MFTAP, and I am glad I chose this programme. Not only did I deepen my professional knowledge and improve my language skills, but I also completed internships in the Czech Republic and France. After graduation, I got a job in the EU Economic and Financial Policy Unit at the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic.”

Martin Gorčák Martin Gorčák
Ministry of Finance

“What has driven my decision to go for MFTAP was the ideal combination of economics education with foreign languages, along with the attractive opportunity of internship in both Czechia and France. Even though I have decided to opt for the private sector after my studies have ended, it was MFTAP that essentially made my career possible. With key skills enabling the start of my professional journey in the finance field, where I was initially focused on the French market only, but throughout the years I was able to progress my career, move into the manager role and now I am responsible for the whole EMEA region.”

Petra Linhartová Petra Linhartová
Gardner Denver (Ingersoll Rand Group)


Courses taught in English and French language can be found at the link below. Just select semester (autumn, spring) and find out what we offer.

Recommended plan of study All Courses in English

Tuition Fees

Tuition fee is €7,000 for the whole 2-year-long programme

Tuition fee for the first year of studies (€3,500) is payable at the beginning of the semester. Students will obtain detailed information on the method of payment along with the decision on admission to studies.

Students who have completed their undergraduate studies at University of Rennes do not pay tuition fees according to the current agreement between the two universities. A scholarship programme will be available for the best students in the programme.

In the third semester of their studies, all students go to Rennes for a study and work placement. For this trip, each student will receive Erasmus+ financial support to facilitate their studies.

Follow-up Studies

Graduates of the programme will be prepared (if they wish) to pursue a doctoral programme with a focus on, for example, economics, management, public administration and public policy in most countries of the world immediately after graduation or with time to spare after gaining practical experience.

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