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To tell or not to tell? The application of the Job Demands-Resources (JDR-model) to examine the role of Inclusive Leadership(IL) in promoting the sharing of mental health conditions (MHCs) and preventing workplace burnout. (ILBO)

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1/2024 - 12/2024
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Masarykova univerzita
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Mental health problems (MHPs) are one of the most common causes of work disability (Vos et al., 2017). Employees with MHPs have reported perceptions of discrimination, stigma and being treated differently among co-workers when sharing these issues (Browers et al., 2019; Zamir et al., 2022). Therefore, employees with MHPs often conceal these problems, reducing productivity and work engagement (Tomas et al., 2022; Zamir et al., 2022). Psychological demands of work may aggravate the symptoms of people with MHPs (Elliott & Reuter, 2022). Research indicates that the Job Demand Resources (JDR model) has positive impacts on mental health nuances in the workplace. Amongst other findings, the JDR indicates that burnout and work engagement are predicted by perceived stigma against one's occupational group and by group identification (Barbier, Hansez & Dardenne, 2012). In addition, group identification moderates the relationship between perceived stigma and work engagement (Barbier et al., 2012). Leadership behaviour acts not only as a resource of motivation for employees but creates a healthy working environment (Byung et al., 2015). Inclusive leadership (IL) is an emerging leadership style (Rojnik, Paola Bortini, Angelica & Anne, 2016) which is making impressions on mental health in the workplace. IL approach is a fluid, intersubjective process that can create a mutually constructive space across different modalities (Nakamura & Milner, 2023). Therefore, essential for this research, IL has been identified to improve leader-follower relationships and well-being (Cao, M., Zhao, Y., & Zhao, S. (2022). No research indicates how IL influences employee’s sharing of mental health conditions and the effect of burnout. In addition, how IL affects leader follower dyads with mental health management in the workplace required exploring. This project and focus on the JDR burnout model and how the role of inclusive leadership may promote the sharing of mental health issues and preventing burnout.

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