Tommaso Reggiani, PhD

kancelář: 426
Lipová 507/41a
602 00 Brno

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telefon: 549 49 6594

Curriculum Vitae

Person-Related Identification Information
MUNI Department
  • Masaryk University
    Faculty of Economics and Administration
    Department of Public Economics | MUEEL lab
Employment - Position
  • Research Associate
Education and Academic Qualifications
  • 2008-2012: Ph.D in Economics - University of Bologna (ITA) [research visiting at University of Bonn (GER)]
    2006-2008: M.A. in Economics - University of Milan-Bicocca (ITA)
    2002-2006: B.A. in Business & Economics - University of Milan-Bicocca (ITA)
  • 2020-: Lecturer - Cardiff University (UK)
    2017-: Research Associate - Masaryk University (CZE)
    2010-: Research Fellow - IZA (GER)
    2015-2017: Assistant Professor - LUMSA University (ITA)
    2012-2015: Post-doc Fellow - University of Cologne (GER)
    2011-2012: Research Fellow - Toulouse School of Economics (FRA)
Teaching Activities
  • Microeconomics / Experimental Economics / Behavioural Economics / Public Economics / Microeconometrics / Ethics & Economics
Scientific Interests
  • Behavioral Economics / Experimental Economics / Public Economics / Micro-Econometrics / Ethics & Economics
University Activities
  • MUES research seminars (co-organizer) / YEM economics meeting (co-organizer)
Editorial Activities
  • Assistant Editor: International Review of Economics (IREC)
Awards Related to Science and Research
  • CERUP award 2018, Rome
Major Publications
  • REGGIANI, Tommaso, Vittorio PELLIGRA a Daniel John ZIZZO. Responding to (un)reasonable requests by an authority. Theory and Decision, USA: Springer, 2020, roč. 2020, I, s. 1-25. ISSN 0040-5833. doi:10.1007/s11238-020-09758-0. URL info
  • ANTOCI, Angelo, Bonelli BONELLI, Fabio PAGLIERI, Tommaso REGGIANI a Fabio SABATINI. Civility and trust in social media. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Elsevier, 2019, roč. 160, April 2019, s. 83-99. ISSN 0167-2681. doi:10.1016/j.jebo.2019.02.026. URL info
  • REGGIANI, Tommaso, Luigino BRUNI a Vittorio PELLIGRA. The Pied Piper: Prizes, Incentives, and Motivation Crowding-in. Journal of Business Ethics, Springer, 2019, n/a, n/a, s. 1-16. ISSN 0167-4544. doi:10.1007/s10551-019-04154-3. URL info
  • CORAZZINI, Luca, Christopher COTTON a Tommaso REGGIANI. Delegation and coordination with multiple threshold public goods: experimental evidence. Experimental Econonomics, USA: Springer, 2019, vol. 22, issue 4, s. 1-37. ISSN 1386-4157. doi:10.1007/s10683-019-09639-6. URL info
  • REGGIANI, Tommaso, Leonardo BECCHETTI a Vittorio PELLIGRA. Information, belief elicitation and threshold effects in the 5X1000 tax scheme: A framed field experiment. International Tax and Public Finance, USA: Springer US, 2017, roč. 24, č. 6, s. 1026-1049. ISSN 0927-5940. doi:10.1007/s10797-017-9474-z. URL info
  • REGGIANI, Tommaso a Julian CONRADS. The effect of communication channels on promise-making and promise-keeping: Experimental evidence. Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination, USA: Springer, 2017, roč. 12, č. 3, s. 595-611. ISSN 1860-711X. doi:10.1007/s11403-016-0177-9. URL info
  • REGGIANI, Tommaso, Lucia MARCHEGIANI a Matteo RIZZOLLI. Gender Effects in Injustice Perceptions: An Experiment on Error Evaluation and Effort Provision. In (Eds.). Gender Issues in Business and Economics. 2018. vyd. USA: Springer, 2017. s. 193-202, 10 s. (i). ISBN 978-3-319-65193-4. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-65193-4_15. URL info
  • REGGIANI, Tommaso, Matteo RIZZOLLI a Lucia MARCHEGIANI. Loss averse agents and lenient supervisors in performance appraisal. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2016, roč. 131, A, s. 183 - 197. ISSN 0167-2681. doi:10.1016/j.jebo.2016.07.022. URL info
  • REGGIANI, Tommaso, Julian CONRADS a Bernd IRLENBUSCH. How to hire helpers? Evidence from a field experiment. Experimental Economics, USA: Springer, 2016, roč. 19, č. 3, s. 577–594. ISSN 1386-4157. doi:10.1007/s10683-015-9455-y. URL info
  • REGGIANI, Tommaso, Maria BIGONI, Margherita FORT a Mattia NARDOTTO. Cooperation or competition? A field experiment on non-monetary learning incentives. The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, Germany: De Gruyter, 2015, roč. 15, č. 4, s. 1753–1792. ISSN 1935-1682. doi:10.1515/bejeap-2014-0109. URL info
  • REGGIANI, Tommaso, Julian CONRADS a Rainer Michael RILKE. Reducing ambiguity in lotteries: Evidence from a field experiment. Applied Economics Letters, UK: Taylor & Francis, 2015, roč. 23, č. 3, s. 206-211. ISSN 1350-4851. doi:10.1080/13504851.2015.1066480. URL info
  • REGGIANI, Tommaso a Alois STUTZER. On the many accounts of "Public Happiness". International Review of Economics, Germany: Springer, 2014, roč. 61, č. 2, s. 109-113. ISSN 1865-1704. doi:10.1007/s12232-014-0207-7. URL info