Logistics behind laser printers: the case of Lexmark

The focus of the lecture is to introduce Lexmark’s forward, and reverse logistic flows, and share a quick overview of our business. Lexmark is recognized as a global leader in the imaging and document services market. Our customers are located all over the world with devices deployed in over 170 countries. Lexmark is managing print service engagements in over 28,000 cities and 200k locations. In total, we have over 6.5M devices operating in the field of which over 1M are managed directly through our single global system. We also have a broad network of over 6,500 partners to reach markets and customers not covered by our direct sales force. Come and join our lecture to find out more about how our processes can be incorporated into the DiCiM project funded by the European Union.

The lecture is realized within the DiCiM project - Digitalised Value Management for Unlocking the potential of the Circular Manufacturing System with integrated digital solutions, funded by Horizon Europe (RIA programme).


– A short introduction about the Lexmark company and the imaging and digital solutions industries.
– Highlights of forward and reverse logistics processes.
– Interactive Q&A session.

You can join us via Mivrosoft Teams here.

Katedra podnikové ekonomiky a managementu (Ekonomicko-správní fakulta)
doc. Ing. Radoslav Škapa, Ph.D.

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