Lecture Circular Manufacturing Systems: A complex but essential paradigm shift for the manufacturing industry

The circular economy has raised awareness and interest about untapped environmental and economic potential in the manufacturing industry. In this context, circular manufacturing systems (CMS) are an emerging paradigm that highlight the need for a transition towards industrial systems that are designed intentionally for closing the loop of products or components through multiple lifecycles. For a successful implementation of CMS, a systemic approach integrating business models, product design, and supply chains while exploiting information and communication technology as a system enabler is essential. In this lecture, we will explore the concept of CMS, their characteristics and need in the context of a circular economy including industrial examples of CMS implementation. Moreover, an outlook on the role of modelling and simulation for enhanced decision-making in the context of CMS will be presented.


Farazee Asif is an Assistant Professor in Circular Manufacturing Systems at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. His research falls in the area of Circular Economy in broader sense but deals mainly with modelling and simulation of complex systems relevant to circular manufacturing systems aimed for resource conservation. Link to KTH profile here.

Malvina Roci is a PhD candidate in Production Engineering at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. Her research is focused on developing analysis methods and tool to support manufacturing industry in its transition from linear to circular manufacturing systems that are that are economically viable and environmentally sustainable. Link to KTH profile here.

Niloufar Salehi is a PhD student in the Production Engineering Department at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden focusing on developing decision support tools to help manufacturing systems move towards circularity. Link to KTH profile here.

The lecture will be held within the subject MPH–ACMS Corporate Management System. The lecture is an activity of the ReCiPSS project.

You can join lecture by provided MS Teams link.

doc. Ing. Radoslav Škapa, Ph.D.

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