B2B Marketing Strategy Fundamentals – Case Study of ThreatMark

What are the major strategical decision in terms of marketing in nowadays? What are the specifics of cybersecurity industry and B2B market segments? What are the implications of COVID-19 on crafting marketing strategies?

Answers on these and many other questions you may hear on by our guest lecturer Mr. Nikola Kožuljević. Mr. Kožuljević has extensive marketing experience experience nested in the branding, marketing communications, and e-commerce sectors. He currently serves as a marketing manager at Threatmark (www.threatmark.com).

Thematically, our guest will cover an array of topics around marketing strategy, consumer behavior, and B2B markets. The interactive part in form of a Q&A session will follow whereby you are cordially invited to take an active role.

The visiting lecture is organized within the courses BPH_AMA1/MAR1 and will be held fully in English.

Katedra podnikové ekonomiky a managementu (Ekonomicko-správní fakulta)
Ing. Dušan Mladenović, Ph.D.

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