Lecture from EMEA Global Business Services Director of Zebra Technologies

What should one take into account when designing organisational structure of a multinational company? How has the pandemic influenced day-to-day business of a shared service center?

Our graduate, Mr. Ivo Knoflicek, EMEA Global Business Services Director at Zebra Technologies, will tell us more on 18 March 10 a.m. in the course International Management (MPH_AIMA).

Ivo Knoflíček got a masters degree at the Masaryk University in Brno and is ACCA member since 2004. He started professional carreer as auditor in KPMG. After 4 years of experience with auditing of various international companies moved to Zebra Technologies Shared Service Center in Brno. More at LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/knofl/

Zebra Technologies is a US business that sells innovative technology solutions within barcode and product identification. That means RFID, barcode scanners, printers, data analytics and software. They employ over 7,000 people across 100 locations in 50 countries with a turnover of over $4billion. ​Zebra solutions are used by the likes of BMW, the NHS, Amazon, DHL, Tesco’s and numerous hospitals around the world.

Join us on 18 March at 10 a.m. HERE.

Katedra podnikové ekonomiky a managementu (Ekonomicko-správní fakulta)
Ing. Bc. Sylva Žáková Talpová, Ph.D.

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