Maths and stats teachers met at the Faculty of Economics and Administration

1 Mar 2023 Jana Sosnová

Over 40 people from 9 universities came to FEA MU to share their experience in teaching mathematics, statistics and running support centres | Photo: Martin Indruch

Mathematics and statistics should be well understood by all economists. Yet these subjects are a nightmare for many learners. That is why in 2016 the Maths and Stats Support Centre was founded at the Faculty of Economics and Administration. Its aim is to improve the teaching of mathematics and statistics and help students reach their full potential. At the end of January, a one-day workshop was held where staff from support centres across the Czech Republic shared their experiences and examples of good practice.

Establishing, managing, and running mathematics and statistics learning support centres at Czech universities is a complex task. Mutual transfer of good practice hence plays a key role. For that reason, an event entitled Good Practice of Maths and Stats Support Centres was held by the Maths and Stats Support Centre at the Faculty of Economics and Administration which provided a space for sharing and networking. More than forty people from nine universities attended. Thanks to the contacts they made at the workshop, it is now possible to build a network of specialists with similar interests and goals.

One of the main topics of discussion was the involvement of student volunteers in the running of the centres. This allows not only to expand the possibilities and capacity of the support centres. Involving students in a variety of formal and less formal activities, such as summer schools, also sends a signal that they are counted on and that they matter.

Photographs from the event

This event took place on 26 January 2023 in the framework of the Capacity Building in Mathematics and Statistics Learning Support in Norway and the Czech Republic (MSLS Net) project, supported by the EEA Grants under the number EEA-CZ-ICP-3-009.

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