New green roof at ECON MUNI inaugurated by the Dean

6 May 2024 Jana Sosnová

Recently revitalized green roof refreshes the faculty area. | Photo: Daniel Pospíchal

The new green roof on the ECON MUNI building will contribute to improving the environment and will have a positive impact on the mental health of students and staff. Its renovation took several months, and the first visitors saw it on Monday 29 April.

The green roof on the Faculty of Economics and Administration building is more than just a modern architectural feature. It cools the surrounding environment, retains water, and helps improve people's mental well-being. In addition, it reduces noise and dust and acts as thermal insulation. Students and staff had the opportunity to visit the new green roof, which took more than half a year to restore, for the first time on Monday 29 April.

"We very much welcomed the opportunity to revitalise the green roof. We are aligned with Masaryk University's sustainability goals, and we are aware that our faculty building suffers from the ills typical of buildings of its time," explains the Dean of ECON MUNI Jiří Špalek. According to him, the green roof not only improves the faculty's energy balance, but also offers an unconventional space suitable for teaching and relaxation. "An interesting benefit is also the eye-catching view of the exhibition grounds and Kamenný vrch," adds the Dean.

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Visitors to the new green roof could take part in a creative wreath-making workshop organised by the Lipka Ecological Centre. They also learned about the project itself and all the benefits that the green roof brings. In addition, two competitions were open for participants during the event. First, those who brought their own cups for drinks were entered into a draw. Secondly, people could also participate in a photo contest – all they had to do was take a picture of themselves on the new green roof and tag the faculty in stories on Instagram or Facebook. The winners received prizes from the university merchandise.

The restoration of the green roof is in line with the action plan, which aims to improve the air quality in Brno. The plan has been updated by scientists from ECON MUNI and includes, among other things, strengthening and promoting green spaces in the city. The reconstruction of the green roof on the ECON MUNI building was carried out as part of the project "Green Roof on the ESF MU Building" supported by Norway through the Norway Grants (STAVANGER call).

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