Giving Day to help Ukraine at FEA MU was again marked by participation, mutual support and willingness to help in the long term

23 Feb 2023 Kateřina Eliášová

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This year we are approaching the sad first anniversary of the beginning of the conflict, and unfortunately we are no closer to a solution than we were a year ago. There is war fatigue, fear of the future and the economic impact of war.

However, Vice Dean Marie Hladká, patron of Giving Day at FEA MU, felt all the more need to continue the tradition.

"Even though the initial shock of the outbreak of war has worn off, the conflict continues and the urgency to help is no less. We are witnessing that even in our own country there is fatigue with the Ukrainian issue, intolerance and fear. That is why we think it is important to show that across the faculty we continue to feel a sense of involvement with Ukraine, that volunteer aid works, and that students and faculty can join together to do their part."

Of course, the conflict in Ukraine is not the only topic that lends itself to Giving Day-type volunteer help. "In the future, we would like to expand the tradition to other areas, such as helping people affected by natural disasters, improving the lives of disadvantaged groups, in short, anything that is topical and needs our support," adds Marie Hladká.

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This year's buffet involved dozens of FEA MU employees and students, as well as two faculty partners, Zebra and Atlas Copco.

Some baked and brought their creations, others shopped and thus supported the collection financially. The proceeds from this year's event after the event amounted to more than 30,000 CZK.

"For me, the most valuable thing about the event, apart from the concrete help to the war-affected areas, is its community spirit. Students and staff present their homemade products, bringing a piece of their personal lives to support a common cause. This is something we would like to develop as much as possible at FEA MU in the future," adds Dean of the Faculty Jiří Špalek, while tasting a poppy seed roll from the Giving Day charity buffet.

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