Application requirements

Entry requirements

Admission to Bachelor’s degree programmes in English is conditional upon the fulfilment of the following conditions stipulated by the Faculty of Economics and Administration. The decision on admission is made by the Dean of the faculty upon submission from the Admission Commission for foreign studies. The commission evaluates:

  1. Documented language competence
    Applicants whose first language is not English are required to provide satisfactory evidence of their proficiency in English. The required scores are as follows:
    • TOEFL – 550 points (paper-based test), or 213 points (computer-based test), or 79 points (internet-based test),
    • IELTS – Overall Band Score 6.5 and higher (academic test),
    • CAE – grade A or B,
    • CPE – grade A, B or C,
    • obtaining other internationally recognized certificate with a result equivalent to the TOEFL exam.
  2. Previous study results
  3. Sufficient knowledge in the field assessed on the basis of the essay submitted by the candidate and eventual interview
  4. Data provided in the statement of purpose
    See Application procedure for more information on how to write your statement of purpose.

Application procedure

  1. Complete Masaryk University e-application:
    Business Management and Finance
    Economics and Public Policy

    Note: Use your own personal email address in your application, even if you are working with an agent.
  2. UPLOAD the following documents in your e-application:
    1. Personal data form (you can type directly into the PDF document, save it and upload it in the on-line application)
    2. Scan of your passport
    3. Your previous study records
      1. A copy of your Secondary School-Leaving Certificate, or documentation indicating that you will receive such a document by the time of enrolling in the programme, in the original language, stamped and signed by the authorized university office or by a notary public official. Documents whose original language is not English or Czech should be accompanied by an official English language translation, stamped and signed by a translating company or an authorized university office.
      2. A copy of your final transcript (the record of all courses and grades from your Secondary school education) in the original language, stamped and signed by the authorized university office or by a notary public official. Transcripts whose original language is not English or Czech should be accompanied by an official English language translation, stamped and signed by a translating company or an authorized university office.
    4. English proficiency certificate, as stated above in the Entry Requirements.
    5. Statement of purpose

      Approximately 500 words outlining the reasons why you chose MUNI and Faculty of Economics and Administration for your future study. This statement should reflect your per­sonal motivation and as such must not be plagiarized. In case any plagiarism is detected in your SoP or essay, your application will be declined immediately.

      Note: If you are working with an agent, the statement of purpose still must be written by you and not by the agent. Only one statement of purpose will be accepted, re-submission is not possible.
    6. Essay on a chosen topic

      This is your opportunity to prove your knowlege and orientation in the field. The essay should not be longer than 1500 words and should focus on one of the given topics:

      Topics for Business Management and Finance programme:

      • How do you (or would you) invest your savings? Explain the reasons and process of your investment decisions.
      • Why are managers important for a company performance?
      • Is crowdfunding better than taking a loan from a bank? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages from the perspective of investors and borrowers.
      • What are the most important challenges managers face?
      • How financial technologies have changed your everyday life? Provide examples and think of any other financial inventions which would improve the wellbeing of people in your country.
      • “Human resources are the most important asset of a company.” - Discuss the statement provided and illustrate your point(s) with one or more examples from a corporation or organization of your own choosing.


      Topics for Economics and Public Policy programme:

      • What should the state do and what it shouldn´t do?
      • What determines economic policies and their achievements?
      • What is the role of public policy in current times?
      • Should public policy-makers work more with the public?
      • What would you reform in public administration in your country and why?


        In the essay, we do not expect a literature search, but applicant's own opinions. If the applicant uses sources, he/she should use them correctly, i.e. cite them in the text and in the list of sources used, otherwise he/she may have a plagiarism problem and his/her application will be automatically excluded from the admissions process for that period. Learn more about plagiarism issus here.                                                                                         


  3. Pay the application fee directly through the e-application (other ways of payment are not possible).
  4. Submit your application.
  5. In the upcoming days, you might be invited to the skype interview which is necessary part of the admission process if needed. Be prepared to discuss your motiviation, present your knowledge in the field and academic level of English language.
  6. Recieve your admission results within two months.


Applicants who wish to enrol for the Spring semester 2024: application forms can be submitted from 15 June 2023 onwards. The deadline for applications is 15 October 2023.

Applicants who wish to enrol for the Autumn semester 2024: application forms can be submitted from 15 December 2023 onwards. The deadline for applications is 15 April 2024.

Applications are processed continuously, you should receive your admission decision not later than two months after the submission of your applications. Make sure then to apply as soon as possible.

Admission appeals

Masaryk University study applicants are entitled to request a review of their acceptance/denial decision concerning their admission to study at the university. The appeal is submitted to the authority that issued the decision – i.e. the Dean of the respective faculty – no later than 30 days upon its receipt.

The appeal can be delivered in person directly to the records service (located right at the main entrance to the ECON MUNI building) or sent by post to the address: ESF MU, Lipová 41a, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic. Another option is to put it in the mailbox, which is located on the 2nd floor at the door to the Study Department. All documents delivered to ECON MUNI are assigned a registration number, under which they are kept and handed over to individual ECON MUNI departments.

You can learn more informaiton on the process here.

Information for agents

We appreciate the work you do for students all over the world. However, please keep in mind that the applicant must write her or his own statement of purpose and must use her or his personal email address in the application.


By submitting your application, you I confirm that you understand that it is an offence to submit inaccurate information, or plagiarized or fraudulent documentation in support of an application for the purpose of gaining admission to Masaryk University. The University may refuse admission, terminate registration, or decline an application if the information you have supplied is found to be incorrect, incomplete, fraudulent, or plagiarized. Please keep this in mind when submitting your statement of purpose, as a plagiarized statement will automatically disqualify you from admission.


February 5 – applicants for Visegrad Scholarship must submit their applications to the Faculty (for more information, see Scholarship opportunities)

April 15 – for September intake

October 15 – for February intake

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