Proč podporovat spolupráci vysokých škol s odběratelskou sférou. Realizace praxí, stáží a projektů

Title in English Why support cooperation between universities and employement sector. Realization of praxis, internshipps and mutual projects

REKTOŘÍK Jaroslav PÓČ David

Year of publication 2008
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference Praxe a stáže studentů vysokých škol
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Economics and Administration

Field Economy
Keywords praxis; internships; projection activities; competitiveness; Lisbon strategy;universities; employement sector
Description After several different European strategic documents (like Lisbon strategy and Bologna declaration) were accepted the realization of praxis, internships as well as different student project activities have become a matter of interest for all universities in the Czech Republic, event those that had not been dealing with such issues before. Here we are talking about universities with humanities oriented programs. In comparison with technically oriented universities that have had internships as a part of their programs since the very beginning. Lisbon strategy and Bologna declaration thus have become an ignition mechanism for introducing these elements into their study programs. All the universities thus have made important step towards increase of their graduates competitiveness and for such activities they could also use significant part of allocated European funds during the programming period 2007 2013. Presented paper has form of discussion platform where information aimed on innovation activities within the internships and praxis from the Czech Republic and abroad is being shown.
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