Availability of adequate support for mothers with intellectual disabilities in the Czech social work environment .


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Year of publication 2022
Type Conference abstract
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Faculty of Social Studies

Description The aim of the paper is to find out, the view of mothers with intellectual disabilities to available forms of support in case of their parenthood.   Based on this information, we will try to reflect on the current system of providing support to the target group in the Czech Republic, and we will also try to define recommendations for the method of providing support. The significance of this article is the fact that mothers with intellectual disabilities is an unknown target group in the Czech Republic; we know about their existence mainly from foreign literature. There is no literature, researches, or professional discussions about the life situation of mothers with intellectual disabilities, nor about available forms of their support, available in the Czech Republic. The main research question of the article is What is the life situation of mothers with mental disabilities in two selected localities in the Czech Republic, and what forms of support are available according to these mothers? Partial research questions focus on (1) the difficulties faced by mothers, (2) participants of provided social support and (3) mothers’ perception of the way of providing support. The research respondents are clients of social activation services in two selected localities of the Czech Republic. Social activation services for families with children are field or outpatient services provided to a family with a child whose development is endangered because of a long-term crisis social situation, which parents cannot overcome on their own without help, and where there are other risks to its development. This service provides educational, training and activation activities, mediation of contact with the social environment, social therapeutic activities, and assistance in exercising rights and legitimate interests and in procuring personal matters. oral presentation at 11th European Conference for Social Work Research 2022 Amsterdam
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