Populace Romů ve Sčítání lidu 2011 z hlediska územní distribuce a sociodemografické struktury

Title in English Roma population in the 2011 Czech Census by territorial distribution and socio-demographic structure


Year of publication 2021
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference Conference Proceedings of the 14th annual International Conference RELIK 2021
Web https://relik.vse.cz/2021/sbornik/en/toc.html
Keywords Census, Roma population, Czech Republic, sociodemographic structure.
Description The text analyses the inhabitants of the Czech Republic who in the 2011 Census of Population, Houses and Flats (SLDB11) either declared themselves to be of Roma nationality or indicated Roma as their mother tongue (or overlap in these characteristics). The authors analyse these persons both in terms of territorial distribution and socio-demographic structure. The data were obtained from the Czech Statistical Office. The text shows that although the Roma in the Czech Republic represent a predominantly urban population, the regions of the Czech Republic can be divided into four basic types in terms of the nature of the Roma population. Moreover, linking the aggregated SLDB11 data on spatial distribution with the data on socially excluded localities (SEL) from 2015 shows a significant overlap between the Roma population and the population living in SEL. In terms of socio-demographic structure, the authors analyse the differences between the general population, the Roma population that is identified by nationality, and the Roma population that can be identified by the Roma language. The conclusions show that there are significant differences between these populations living on the territory of the Czech Republic.

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