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21 Sep 2020 Petra Ježová

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We are glad to announce that 6 new employees and two postdoctoral fellows from abroad joined the faculty in September. To make the first days at the FEA easier, we organized a short, two-hour "Welcome workshop" to provide them with basic information on their work content and enable them to get to know the new environment.

The workshop was created based on a feedback from newcomers who were employed in previous years and is part of the planned process of onboarding, one of the activities within HR Award project. Its goal is to help not only to newcomers, but also managers and all those who participate in onboarding to improve the quality of care for new employees and to consciously strengthen the perception of the faculty brand as a good employer.

And what did the participants say about the workshop?

"It was nice to meet people I can turn to in case of any problems and get to know the university information systems better."

"It's nice to know what systems are available and what they can do."

"The workshop was a great introduction to the new environment, especially the information about internal systems and main communication channels of the faculty. As a new employee from an external environment, I find this activity very useful.”


So, who will you meet at the faculty from September 1?

Mgr. Terézia Černá – lecturer, Department of Mathematics and Applied Informatics

Ing. Renata Čuhlová, Ph.D. – assistant professor, Department of Business Administration

Ing. Bc. Michal Ďuriník, Ph.D. – assistant professor, Department of Business Administration

Ing. Eva Křiváková – lecturer, Department of Business Administration

Ing. Jiří Richter, Ph.D. – researcher, Department of Business Administration

Ing. Lucie Semerádová, Ph.D. – assistant professor, Department of Finance

Eugenio Levi, Ph.D. – postdoc, Laboratory of Experimental Economics

Axel Alejandrro Araneda Barahona – postdoc, Institute of Financial Complex Systems


We wish all new employees a successful start in their new position!

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