Business Management

Programme Overview

The aim of this program is to deepen the understanding of the purpose and the functioning of the business sphere, in particular enterprises, their organizational structure, management, economy and financing. An important area of the study is mastering the analysis and design of management systems, including knowledge of management and managerial skills. Studying psychological, socio-cultural, business and other communication skills is part of the study. The complex of acquired knowledge and skills thus forms a top manager capable of covering all the essential aspects of the functioning of the company with the ability to manage the business properly and efficiently.


After successfully completing his/her studies the graduate is able to:

  • is able to identify, analyze and creatively solve the problems related to the functioning of selected areas of the enterprise with the application of acquired knowledge and the use of acquired skills;
  • knows how to apply specific methods, techniques, tools and standard practices to the realities of corporate practice;
  • can evaluate the opportunities and risks associated with the strategic and sustainable development of the business; in the context of Society 4.0;
  • understands the theoretical knowledge of specialized disciplines related to business economics and management,
  • be able to apply this knowledge to solving model and practical situations;
  • is able to participate in the solution or manage projects related to specific areas of practice;
  • can search and work with relevant data and information, including the use of ICT resources, and evaluate them in accordance with practical tasks;
  • understand the theoretical knowledge of specialized disciplines related to business economics and management,
  • is able to analyze the business environment in international and the global environment and use the results for entrepreneurial plans;
  • understands the impact of trading on society and its development in the context of social responsibility and ethical behavior;
  • knows enterprise information systems used in business management and for evaluating the economic aspects of an enterprise;
  • can communicate verbally and in writing in English in the course of dealing with partners and is able to act adequately on the conditions of social interaction;
  • is able to present and defend his or her opinion on a practical problem based on knowledge and professional judgment;
  • is able to participate, respectively. to organize and manage innovation and entrepreneurial activities in enterprises;


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Graduate Employment

Graduates have such managerial skills as effective use of time, successful negotiation with business partners, creating public image, effective leadership, effective motivation of colleagues, the art of dealing with people and developing general communication skills, that enables them to hold leading management positions.

Thanks to the specialized focus of the studied subjects, the graduates of the field have opened possibility of realization in commercial enterprises in general (e.g. in higher management positions), or its specialized sections (e.g. purchasing, marketing, trade, etc.). Graduating from a Master's degree program enables graduates to deepen the general knowledge base of economic sciences and to link them with practical application. The demand for graduates with managerial and business-economics skills is nowadays very timely given the rapidly changing business conditions and growing competition. This requires managers and professionals with a broad insight and ability to apply expertise to everyday practice, to support other people in the same. At the same time, however, graduates of a Master's degree program also need a deeper, specialized knowledge of selected areas of management and business economics, which their business economics and management provide through compulsory-selectable blocks. The overall universality of the study (including the previous Bachelor's) enables graduates to apply in a wide variety of diverse businesses (above all) and organizations and represents a significant competitive advantage of the program.


Courses taught in English language can be found at the link below. Just select semester (autumn, spring) and find out what we offer.

Recommended plan of study (block Marketing) Recommended plan of study (block Management) All Courses in English

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees: 95000 CZK (cca 3700 EUR) per year.

Tuition fee for the first year of studies (3,700 EUR) is payable at the beginning of the semester. Students will obtain detailed information on the method of payment along with the decision on admission to studies.

Applicants from Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, and Zambia might be eligible for the Czech Government Scholarships. If you're from one of these countries, check the website of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports for eligibility and application details.

Follow-up Studies

Successful completion of the program may help you apply for our full-time or combined PhD programs offered in English or for similarly oriented programmes in the Czech Republic or abroad.

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