Study legislation

During your studies, you have to gain the required number of credits (180 ECTS Bachelor students and 120 ECTS Master students), according to a certain structure (Recommended plan of studies) and prepare yourself for the final state exam. All this should proceed in accordance with the general rules of Masaryk University and the Higher Education Act.

Study and Examination Regulations of the Masaryk University will help you in maintaining your student status and smooth your progress in studies.

Higher Education Act defines the higher education institutions, academic rights and freedoms, study processes and the rights and responsibilities of the students.

The Disciplinary Code for students is an internal regulation of the Faculty of Economics and Administration.
The Disciplinary Code defines disciplinary offences, specifies details of disciplinary hearings of students enrolled in the Faculty, details of imposing penalties for committing disciplinary offences, and details of disciplinary proceedings including Disciplinary Committee sessions.

If you come across a term relating to your studies in the IS and you do not understand it, visit „Help and Glossary of Terms“.

„IS training presentation“ can help you with the basic functions of IS, such as registration of courses etc.

Here you can learn more about the General Study Obligations in Bachelor’s and Follow-up Master’s Studies.


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