Library services

Centre of Scientific Information (hereinafter CSI) is a faculty library designed for a free use by students and instructors of the Faculty of Economics and Administration, as well as other MU faculties and the public. All updated information concerning CSI is available in the relevant web section; the most important information is summarized in a leaflet that is available to all interested persons in the library in a paper-based form. All library users are obliged to obey the Library rules.

Library resources

There are approximately 55 thousand books, 200 magazine volumes and a vast number of professional sources of electronic information including electronic books at users’ disposal.

The resources are being continuously supplemented with topical domestic and foreign scientific publications. If you still missed some publications in the library, or if it was available only in a very limited number of copies, you can suggest buying it through an e-mail.

Borrowing books

Readers can look up books through electronic catalogue Aleph. All publications are available in the free-access zone and any reader can borrow them any-time during the opening hours of the library for one month. Books labelled with the STOP sign are designed solely for the in-library use; they can also be borrowed “over night” (i.e. from 4 p.m. to 9 a.m. of the following day) or over a weekend (on Friday from 2 p.m. to Monday 9 a.m.).

The loan term of publications can be extended through electronic catalogue Aleph or at the circulation desk in the library in case the given document is not requested by another reader.

It is also possible to make reservations of requested books through the electronic catalogue.

Library users are obliged to watch over the loan term of their books themselves. If the loan term is exceeded, a reader has to pay a fine of CZK 5,– for a day and one publication, and CZK 10,– for an hour of a delay and one publication when returning books labelled with STOP that are overdue. This means that the fines are quite high after a longer delay.


The Centre of Scientific Information subscribes to approximately 200 domestic and foreign magazines. Current volumes are located in the upper gallery of the library while some older ones can be requested at the circulation desk.

A full content of most of Czech daily newspapers as well as many other magazines, radio and TV programs is available through the Press monitor database in a long retrospective.

Electronic information

Readers have an access to professional, high-quality, field-oriented information databases including full texts of foreign journals, world and national statistics, electronic books as well as specialized Czech databases.

Electronic information can be accessed either from the MU network, faculty network, or from home through a proxy-server.

Diploma and Bachelor theses

All university final theses defended at the Faculty of Economics and Administration are available only in an electronic form through the archive of final theses in the Information system of MU.

Software and hardware in CSI

At the main entry point to the library, readers can use five computers with electronic catalogue Aleph. In the upper gallery, there are 17 full-featured computers equipped with software designed for the search and processing of information.

It is also possible to use your own laptop computers in the library and connect to the Internet through WiFi.

In the back part of the upper gallery, there are two scanners; it is also possible to print documents from all the computers. There are also two copy machines in the library. It is possible to print and copy only with your student card charged with credit.

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