All scholarship programmes are to be found in the IS.

During your degree studies at the Faculty of Economics and Administration, you can apply for the following scholarship support:


This scholarship is aimed at:

  • Full-time Bachelor's or full-time Master's degree students who have not exceeded the standard length of study.
  • A student cannot receive this scholarship if they are in the last semester unless they are an active student in a study programme at ESF MU at the time of application, which is related to the study programme in which the entitlement to the scholarship arose.


  • Student's overall study average must be between 1,0 and 1,20 (incl.).
  • At the same time, a student must receive 30 credits per semester on average (total number of credits/number of completed semesters >= 30).
  • At the same time, the student's grades are among the top 10% of students in the programme of study. 

You can check if you meet these three conditions here. Make sure you click on "Show my evaluation results obtained in all the terms of my studies"; your data is to be found at the bottom of the webpage.

Students in a follow-up Master's degree programme who have completed their Bachelor's degree at ECON MUNI and are continuing their studies at ECON MUNI immediately may also count the semesters completed at the Bachelor's degree level if this study was completed within the standard period of study; in this case, they calculate their study average with the inclusion of the previous Bachelor's degree and are obliged to indicate this fact in a note in the application.

Scholarship amount:

  • (n = number of semesters)
  • An eligible person with a grade point average of exactly 1.00 will be paid CZK 8,000 x (n/4 + 1).
  • An eligible person who achieves a grade point average higher than 1.00 and less than or equal to 1.20 will be paid CZK 5,000 x (n/4 + 1).

Detailed information about the scholarship is to be found here.

You have to apply within 30 days from the end of the examination period (check the Schedule of the Academic Year)

How to submit an application:

You can apply for the scholarship electronically via the Information System → Document office: here.



All degree students, as well as exchange students at MU, can apply for this grant once every semester.

All information about the deadlines, conditions, payment date and contact person details is to be found in the IS: Accommodation grant.

More information about this scholarship is to be found here.


The Scholarship Programme provides scholarships to motivate students to engage in activities that contribute to the significant representation of the Faculty and thus increase its quality credit in the public area.

An eligible person is a student of a Bachelor's, follow-up Master's and PhD study programme in full-time and part-time form who represents the faculty in these activities in an exemplary manner:

  1. performance as a member of a body representing universities,
  2. sports representation at the level of a representative of the Czech Republic,
  3. in professional competitions organised by universities or professional institutions and companies,
  4. media appearances and/or placing in a competition at a social, cultural or sporting event,
  5. other creative activities presenting the faculty to the public.

The amount of the scholarship is decided by the Dean, depending on the importance of the event.

Detailed information about this scholarship is to be found here.

Masaryk University scholarships are listed here.

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