Pozice Českých Budějovic v rámci krajských měst České republiky z hlediska kvality podnikatelského prostředí

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Title in English Position of České Budějovice within the frame of regional cities of the Czech Republic in light of business environment quality.


Year of publication 2009
Type Chapter of a book
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Economics and Administration

Description Practical importance of business environment quality evaluation is based on an empirically verified fact that an adequate supply is the main field where regions can compete in their efforts to establish the best possible conditions for the development and localization of business activities. In reference to the Czech Republic centres of NUTS 2 regions, including town České Budějovice as centre of region South Bohemia, plays decisive role in the field mentioned above. Business environment quality evaluation is methodically based on the identification of selected factors, defined according to the investment and development preferences of especially multinational companies operating in the most significant branches of processing industry and the so-called productive services. These preferences including factors weights were consequently verified and adapted for the conditions of the Czech Republic by means of statistical analyses. Chosen factors groups are divided onto sixth basic groups: business, labour, infrastructural, regional and local, cost and environmental factors (corresponding results are presented in first table). Basic calculations were realized according to more then 200 microregions and/or territorial districts of the so-called authorized communities of the 3rd degree. Main part of the contribution concerns of complete business environment quality evaluation of regional centres with exception of capital Prague (corresponding results are presented in second table) and further positioning of České Budějovice centre according to single factors (corresponding results are presented in third table). All regional centres, which perform in accordance with its integration functions (linked with creation of development axis as channel of prosperity) very important role as development poles of national importance, were ranked into first classification group characterized by the best quality of business environment. Region (more precisely micro-region) of České Budějovice took fifth place in this respect. Its position was consequently closely reviewed according to single factors of business environment. Comparatively the most favourable position this one occupies in the case of labour and environmental factors and least favourable position in the case of business factors. Closing part summarized results of evaluation of České Budějovice region with emphasis on its competitiveness. Strategic vision of next development is then describes by means of following driven forces axe of economic development: high-quality of labour forces, residence attractiveness, innovation progress.
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