Study on passenger and freight rail transport services´prices to final customer - part Czechia and Austria



Year of publication 2023
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Economics and Administration

Description This study explores the effects of competition within the European Union railway market, encompassing both freight and passenger rail (Open Access and PSO by competitive tendering). The study included four main steps: a literature review, a stakeholder survey, targeted interviews, and 21 case studies. The study found that competition has lead to notable reduction in prices for end consumers in OA passenger rail competition, as well as in the freight rail sector. This price reduction is attributed to the increased market competition, where new entrants aim to distinguish themselves in the market by offering lower prices than the incumbent. In terms of service quality, the report identifies a marked improvement across all passenger services. This enhancement is reflected in various aspects such as punctuality, frequent, comfort, and customer service, as a result of competition. The freight sector, while not experiencing a similar quality elevation, has witnessed considerable gains in cost efficiency. The report also identifies some challenges. Key issues include the lack of an integrated ticketing system and the need for more accessible and cost-efficient railway infrastructure. Addressing these challenges is crucial for unlocking the full potential of competition, benefiting both the industry and consumers.

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