Albín Bráf k metodě ekonomie

Title in English Albín Bráf on the Method of Economics


Year of publication 2013
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference Albín Bráf: Politik, národohospodář a jeho doba
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Economics and Administration

Field Economy
Keywords Bráf; history of economic thought; methodology of economics
Description The objective of the paper is to present and to interpret the methodology of economics of Czech economist Albin Braf, father of 20th century Czech economics. Braf succeeded in securing an original contribution in the area of economic methodology, which is based on synthesis of different influences, the German historical school and the Austrian school of economics especially. He neatly balances the role both of empirical and of theoretical research and presents his view on the bases of our understanding as well as on its limits. He would be harsh critic of any empirical orientation which is atheoretical as well as of any modelling exercises done for its own sake, irrespective of the empirical reality it is supposed to address. The core of his contribution lies in the stress he puts on the role of sound assumptions for the whole relevance of the theoretical system built thereupon. He is thus in strict opposition to the instrumentalism of Friedman?s style. For economic theory there exists a particular sort of important fundamental suppositions, namely the institutional ones. These suppositions are of necessity rooted in the cultural settings of particular era, which makes any economic theory historically relative.
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