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The role of business and technology incubation centres in regional development in highly developed regions

Project Identification
Project Period
1/2024 - 12/2024
Investor / Pogramme / Project type
Masaryk University
MU Faculty or unit
Faculty of Economics and Administration

The role of business incubators in regional development has become increasingly important in recent years, particularly in the context of entrepreneurship and innovation. Business incubators are organizations that provide support and resources to start-up companies and early-stage entrepreneurs, with the goal of helping them to develop and grow their businesses. The aim of this dissertation is to investigate the role of business incubators in promoting regional development, focusing on the impact that they have on entrepreneurs, local economies, and the wider community. Incubation centers provide a supportive environment for start-ups and entrepreneurs to develop and grow their ideas, and to bring innovative products and services to market. By providing access to resources such as mentorship, funding, and networks of experts, incubation centers help to overcome common challenges that entrepreneurs face, such as limited access to funding and lack of expertise (Aernoudt 2004). This, in turn, helps to foster innovation and encourages entrepreneurs to pursue their ideas and bring new products and services to market. In addition to providing resources, incubation centers also provide a supportive ecosystem for innovation by promoting collaboration between different stakeholders in the region, including universities, research institutions, and businesses (Saberwal 2017). This collaboration can lead to the development of new products and services and help to drive economic growth in the region. Overall, the relationship between innovation and incubation centers is a positive one, with incubation centers playing a critical role in promoting and supporting innovation in the region.
The significance of this project lies in its contribution to our understanding of the role of business incubators in regional development, and the potential benefits that they can bring to entrepreneurs, local economies, and communities. The research project aims to address the existing knowledge gap concerning the specific impact of business incubators on regional development in Nordic countries, with a focus on their role in promoting innovation and economic growth. The project intends to provide valuable insights into how these incubation centers support entrepreneurs, local economies, and communities in the context of highly innovative and competitive Nordic regions.

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