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Motitvation for Economic Behaviour of the Non-For-Profit Organizations - Contribution to the Economic Theory of Non-Profit Sector

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1/2008 - 7/2009
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Economics and Administration
Non-for-Profit organizations, non-profit sector, motivation, behaviour models, services, social economics,

Any complex economic theory of non-for-profit organizations has to take into account their motivation for behaviour. the proposed project wants to analyze economic aspects of non-for-profit, services providing organizations behaviour. The main issue is to figure out what they really maximaise, what it mains for parameters of their output, and how it overall affects their efficiency. We understand the non-for-ptofit sector broadly, i. e. as a part of national economy where decision- making on economic activities is not primarily motivated and measured by profit as the final purpose and efficiency criterion.
Theoretical reflection of economic aspects of non-for-profit sector's conduct based on real data seems to be topical and useful. We often encounter "... entrenched ideas of charity or social benefit of non-for-profit organizations" (SMITH, 1995) as well as purely ideological opinions which consider all non-for-profit organizations a priori as suspicious or unable to compete. Unfortunately, in the Czech Republic there has not been published many empiric studies dealing with this issue. As far as we know, models of econoomic behaviour of these entities have not been tested in the Czech Republic.


Total number of publications: 9

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