Writefull: tool for proofreading English professional texts

Writefull (from Digital Science & Research Solutions Inc.) uses artificial intelligence, specifically Deep Learning algorithms and an extensive language database. The text is checked using language models based on millions of already published professional texts from various scientific disciplines.

3 Jun 2020 Jiří Poláček

The following two services are available to try:
Writefull Revise
Writefull Revise screens text for correctness of grammar, word use, style, and more. Students and researchers can upload their text to Revise, review language suggestions, and download a revised version of their text incorporating all accepted suggestions. Entry address for users from MU is here: https://revise-muni-cz.writefull.ai  
Writefull Cite
Writefull Cite screens texts for citation completeness, highlighting sentences that should be supported by a reference. Students and researchers can upload their text to Cite, and review citation suggestions offered by the tool. Unlike anti-plagiarism tools, Cite does not compare texts against a database.  Entry address for MU users is here: https://cite-muni-cz.writefull.ai  
The service is accessible until June 27th, 2020, from MU computers, remotely by using OpenVPN service. It is recommended to use the current versions of web browsers, as the service may not work with older versions (the start page will not be displayed).

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