Thousands e-books from MIT Press

Temporary access to some e-book collections is ending or has even ended, but fortunately there are other offers, such as "The MIT Press Direct". Until the end of July 2020, all MU users have the opportunity to read and download almost three thousand e-books from a wide range of scientific fields.

15 Jun 2020 Jiří Poláček

The production of the publishing house from MIT covers the following areas: 

  • Architecture 
  • Arts  
  • Biomedical Sciences  
  • Business  
  • Cognitive Sciences  
  • Computer Science  
  • Cultural Studies  
  • Design  
  • Digital Humanities & New Media  
  • Economics  
  • Education  
  • Engineering  
  • Environment  
  • Game Studies  
  • Humanities 
  • Information Science  
  • Linguistics & Language  
  • Mathematics & Statistics  
  • Neuroscience  
  • Philosophy  
  • Physical Sciences  
  • Science, Technology & Society  
  • Social Sciences  
  • Urbanism 

The attractiveness of the offer is increased by the fact that all chapters can be downloaded in PDF and that the latest titles of the publisher are also available. So definitely do not hesitate to try. 
The books are accessible from the domain at Remote access is possible using the university OpenVPN. 

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