Textbooks from Cambridge University Press

By May 31, 2020, Cambridge University Press made available to MU all of its textbooks.

27 Mar 2020 Jiří Poláček

There are 779 textbooks available across all fields. There are 68 pieces in the field of economics and 45 textbooks in the field of management.

At the same time, the publisher also made available the Elements collection. It publishes review texts on research in various fields. The following series are particularly relevant for ESF MU:

  • Elements in Austrian Economics
  • Elements in Evolutionary Economics
  • Elements in Public Economics
  • Elements in Public and Nonprofit Administration
  • Elements in Quantitative Finance
  • Elements in the Economics of Emerging Markets
  • Elements in Business Strategy
  • Elements in Corporate Governance
  • Elements in Leadership
  • Elements in Organization Theory
  • Elements in Public and Nonprofit Administration

All content is available on the Cambridge Core platform. To access the content, select the link “Institution login” at the top of the page, search for Masaryk University and then log in using the UČO and secondary password.

Cambridge Core More on ezdroje.muni.cz

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