Five deans have confirmed their cooperation on the interfaculty study programme Applied Health Economics (AHE) by their signatures

14 Oct 2022 Kateřina Eliášová

The initiation of the cooperation was confirmed by the signatures of five deans of Masaryk University.

On 13 October 2022 at 2 PM, the deans of five faculties of Masaryk University met at the FEA MU to solemnly confirm their cooperation in the preparation of an interdisciplinary interfaculty AHE study programme.

The Faculty of Economics and Administration participates in the development of the programme as a coordinator and cooperates with the Faculty of Pharmacy, the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Social Studies and the Faculty of Law of MU. Together they will develop courses for the new study programme, which is still missing in the Central European region.

A broad foundation with a flexible choice of theses' topics will allow students to focus on several areas such as health policy, health economics, or regulatory frameworks in pharmaceuticals or medical technology.

Its graduates thus have the prerequisites to be qualified healthcare system designers for the future, given the unique mix of medical, managerial and communication professionalism.

Photos from the signing of the start of cooperation

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