Access to Bloomberg data

After negotiations with Bloomberg, we agreed on a compromise on how all students and teachers from the faculty can access the necessary data from Bloomberg at the time of contactless teaching at ECON MUNI.

27 Mar 2020 Jiří Poláček

The Bloomberg terminal, which is installed at the Faculty of Economics and Administration building, is currently unavailable – the building is closed and remote access to the Bloomberg is detected and blocked. As a replacement, the supplier offered us a few personal 60-day licenses, which can also be used from home.

In order to everybody interested in could have an access to Bloomberg's data during this period, the faculty has agreed with a group of students – experienced terminal users – that they will receive personal licenses and handle Bloomberg terminal requests for other students and teachers. Including, for example, the need to "download for the first time" data for the final thesis assignment.

The provisionally created Bloomberg group can be contacted at Someone will respond and attend to you. For subsequent communication, it is possible to use university-licensed tools such as Microsoft Teams or Google Meet.

For more information, see the relevant SVI website.

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