A brief history of our faculty


Foundation of the FEA

Our faculty as a rising star

The efforts to extend the economically oriented university studies in Brno had been suppressed by the former regime for a long time. The new faculty was thus born only after November 1989.

Economically oriented experts from the Institute of Economics and Non-Manufacturing Sphere Management, and lecturers in economic disciplines at the Faculty of Arts of the then Jan Evangelista Purkyně University stood at the birth of the first faculty of Masaryk University founded after the Velvet Revolution. The idea of establishing the Faculty of Economics and Administration was also strongly supported by Milan Jelínek, the rector of Masaryk University at the time. His proposal for the establishment of the faculty was approved by the Academic Senate of Masaryk University in the autumn of 1990.


Launching education at the FEA MU

Zelný trh and Antonínská

Teaching commenced in September 1991 in the building of the former Cyrilometodějská záložna on Zelný trh (the former seat of the Faculty of Law). In the following years, growing interest in education led to the sale of the building, which had not been convenient for university education. The new faculty was to be built on the university campus on Vinařská Street.

The implementation of a seemingly simple plan – to build a new building – lasted for a whole five years. During that time, the faculty had to leave the sold building on Zelný trh, and settle down temporarily in makeshift premises on Antonínská street.

Building on Zelný trh

FEA insignias

Under the protection of Mercury

A winged sceptre and medal with Karel Engliš, the first rector of Masaryk University. The insignias of the Faculty of Economics and Administration have been used since November 1995, and were created by Michal Vitanovský, an academic sculptor (the sceptre was made by sculptor Pavel Filip).

The head of the sceptre is formed by a helmet with the wings of Mercury, the patron of economic sciences. The obverse of the medal shows the portrait of the first rector and prominent economist Karel Engliš. On the reverse side of the medal, we can see a symbolic temple of wisdom and cognition with a motto characterising the essence of the teachings of Karel Engliš: “Výkonnost, Hospodárnost, Solidárnost” (Performance, Efficiency, Solidarity).

Facutly sceptre
Front side of medal
Back side of medal

Moving to a new building

New, modern and bold

The construction of the new faculty commenced in summer 1995 on the unused, asphalt, terraced areas on the campus of Masaryk University. Construction was completed in March 1998, so the gates of the new building of the faculty were festively opened almost eight years after its foundation.

Thanks to the strenuous work of many members from the university and faculty administration bodies, the bold project was able to be implemented: a modern “tailor-made” building was created, having a useful area of 10,000 square meters, the costs exceeding 260 million crowns.

Opening of the new building

The faculty logo has changed

The logo of the MU Faculty of Economics and Administration contains symbols of commerce and administration. Commerce is represented by Mercury’s staff entwined by two serpents called caduceus (it is sometimes shown as winged); the marshal’s baton symbolises the administration and control of secular issues. The crossed sticks are placed in the facade of the ancient temple, which bears several meanings: it is a sign of erudition (the temple of Athena); it is also understood as an institution (education or administration); and it is mainly a symbol of economics. The denomination of the economics is derived from Xenophon’s work Oeconomicus dealing especially with household management: oikos in Greek means house, nomos means law or rules. The symbol of commerce and administration is surrounded by a Latin circumscription containing the name of the university in the upper part of the emblem and the name of the faculty in the lower part.

The emblem is primarily used in the faculty’s colour, i.e. brown with a subtle tinge of burgundy.

In 2008, the logo was modified, or rather, simplified.

The logo was modified
Present time

Lipová faculty today

During its existence, the faculty has evolved into a stable institution, currently providing economic education to almost three thousand students in bachelor, master and doctoral programmes. Students can complete part of their studies abroad, or even obtain another diploma there.

The faculty prides itself on the excellent rate of its graduates finding employment in institutions of both the public and private sector. In 2016, starting salaries of recent graduates amounted to CZK 29,000.

In addition to teaching, the faculty also focuses on research. Excellent scientists, who are concentrated in several research institutes, are members of the faculty.


Actual fakulty building

“Order in the mind leads to order and strength in work.”

Karel Engliš

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