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All activities related to students’ studies are carried out through the Information system of MU (IS MU) at Masaryk University. Below you will find a list of basic information you need to know when working with IS MU; for more advanced applications follow the help located in IS MU.

You can log in to IS MU from anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer, Internet access and typing the following address:

Most of the IS services are only available to the academic community of the school. To be able to use them, the user needs to log in to the Personal Administration section using his/her user name and password – a process that authenticates him/her. More information about this topic is available here.

IS MU contains thorough explanatory help for each operation. If you encounter any problem, read the help first and after that ask questions. All you need to know for work with IS MU can be found in the help section, so use it please. Help in IS MU is much more extensive than this manual.

Personal AdministrationHelpStudentGetting Started with as a Student

In case you lose your password for IS MU, contact your faculty administrator, Ing. Bronislav Kolek, at, telephone number 549 495 225.

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How to register courses?

How to proceed when registering courses, and how registration works – read in help of IS MU: Personal AdministrationHelpStudentRegistration and Enrollment

How to sign for seminar groups?

Some courses are also taught in the form of seminars where you will get familiar with the subject matter discussed in lectures. Since there are many students attending lectures, they have to be divided into so-called seminar groups. A student signs up for these seminar groups in Personal AdministrationStudentEnroll in a seminar group or cancel your enrollment. Choose from the list of courses that have seminar groups listed and sign up for a selected seminar group in case of free capacity.

For more information check help: Personal AdministrationHelpStudentTimetable and Seminar Groups

Where will I find my timetable of courses and seminar groups?

You can find your timetable at: Personal AdministrationTimetableTimetable (finally valid timetable will occur one week prior to the beginning of a semester). Here select “my student timetable” and confirm with the “Show timetable” button.

When do classes at the Faculty of Economics and Administration star­t?

Information concerning the beginning and end of important terms (such as the beginning and end of classes, exam period, period for course registration, etc.) is available namely in the list of time periods: StudentRegistration dates for other faculties

How to register for exams and view received grades?

It is necessary to register for each exam through IS MU. As soon as a teacher publishes exam dates, you will see this information in Personal AdministrationStudentExamination dates and reservations. When you choose a date which you want to sign up for, click on “details” and “Attempt to reserve a slot”.
Detailed instructions how to sign up for an exam can be found here: Personal AdministrationHelpStudentExamination Dates and Evaluation

How and why to work with my e-mail account?

Each student has his/her own electronic mailbox in IS MU.

Personal AdministrationMy Mail

It is compulsory to check your email as you receive important messages from the faculty management and the study department. A notification of a new email message is displayed on the front page of IS MU. You can also download your email to your home computer or re-direct it to another stable mailbox. Empty your mailbox regularly as it is impossible to receive messages to you when the mailbox is full. You can find out in the email application how much out of the allocated quota your mailbox is currently taking in.

The address of IS MU users has the form of This address is valid even after setting a nickname. In case you have your own reliable email account, you can set re-directing your emails in IS MU in the following way: My MailAdresář, nastavení, složky (Address book, Settings, Folders)

You can learn more about re-directing your emails or setting a nickname at: Personal AdministrationHelpCommunication → Mail

Why to have a photograph taken?

There are no student grade books at Masaryk University. Your identification at the study department, at an exam, etc. is verified with your ISIC and your personal IS MU website. (Moreover, it is always good to know who you are talking to.) Therefore, uploading your photograph into IS MU is mandatory. If you are not able to come to the photography on your enrolment day, you are obliged to go to the Faculty of Informatics for substituted photography.

More information about taking photos and photographs in IS MU: Personal AdministrationHelpCommunication → People

If you do not like your photo or it no longer reflects reality, you can have a new photo taken. For more information click here.

You ca set the displaying of your photograph in IS MU. (Personal AdministrationPeopleSelect photograph mode)

Does IS MU tell me what and how I should study?

During the whole course of your studies, MU Study and Examination Regulations are binding for you. You can find the text here.

It is generally true that ignorance of the law does not excuse, and therefore you should read the Study and Examination Regulations carefully in your own interests. The Student Manual will help you with the interpretation of the Study and Examination Regulations in concrete conditions of our faculty as well as when solving your study problems.

IS MU seems complicated to me, how shall I embrace it?

Although IS MU seems to be complicated, it is in fact very intuitive. Read through help section Getting started with as a Student (and click on corresponding links in IS MU when reading it).

  • Get familiar with the survey of a student’s duties: Personal AdministrationHelpStudentStudent’s duties and basic terms
  • Go through link Student: Personal AdministrationStudent, try the applications there and read through the help associated with them.

Thus you will get familiar with all important activities. You will gradually use the other links placed on IS MU front webpage later.

In case you come across an IS MU section that is not translated into English, you can use this glossary for basic orientation.


The address for accessing IS MU:

  • check your mailbox regularly
  • if problems with your studies should occur, study the Student manual and MU Study and Examination Regulations first; if you do not find a solution after this, contact the appropriate official at the Office for International Relations
  • solve your problems with accessing IS MU (e.g. forgotten password) with the faculty administrator, Ing. Bronislav Kolek, at, telephone number 549 495 225
  • follow what agendas are currently available in IS MU and carry out the requested operations in time (e.g. registration of courses, check of courses you are enrolled in, check of grades recorded by a teacher, updates of your personal information, signing up for exams, etc.)
  • all problems relating to IS MU should be sent electronically to
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