How to excuse your absence

Excuses from tuition

If you cannot attend the compulsory part of the course (typically a seminar), you must excuse your absence at your Study Coordinator (SC) no later than five working days after the last date of your absence. Your study coordinator will only accept original excuses (scans of original excuses) uploaded via the Document office in the IS MU "Request to Excuse Absence".

Original excuse slips can be uploaded via the Document Office in IS MU "Request to Excuse Absence". Do not apologize to the individual teachers; your excuse slip will be entered into IS MU by your Student Coordinator and displayed in all courses to all relevant persons at MU.

IS - Document Office - Submit a new application - Section: Ekonomicko-správní fakulta - Zahraniční oddělení - Request to excuse absence.

The SC accepts as a reason for an excuse:
• illness or urgent medical treatment,
• attending a funeral of a close person,
• delay of public transport,
• participation in court proceedings,
• summons by the Police of the Czech Republic or providing explanations to the law enforcement authorities,
• being outside of the faculty within the Practice subject (does not apply to Internships or Professional Practices).

If you want to avoid any complications with issuing a relevant doctor’s certificate, print the excuse form before you go to the clinic here.

The excuse form must be stamped and signed, contain the student's identification data (full name, date of birth or birth number), and indicate to which day(s) it relates and the reason for the excuse (in the case of illness or examination, more general text may be included). When uploading an excuse slip via the MU IS office, the original scan of the excuse slip may be requested by the Student Coordinator for checking.

In other serious and special cases, a request for exemption based on the Article 43 of the SER MU must be submitted, not just a doctor’s note.

SC refuses to enter an excuse in IS if:
• it is a scan or any other copy,
• its credibility is dubious,
• the reason for excuse is irrelevant,
• it clearly does not explain the reason for absence,
• it was not deliveredwithin five working days,
• is unreadable,
• it is a working leave.

Excuses from examinations

If it is no longer possible to unsubscribe from an examination date in IS MU, you must provide the original of the excuse document (a copy of the document is sufficient only in a case of sick certificate) within five working days after the date of the exam. If you do not provide the excuse until this date, the examiner is no longer obliged to accept the excuse and the examination date will be considered as a failed one (the examiner will enter "-" in IS MU). If you have encountered a serious incident that caused your absence and prevented you from the delivery of the excuse at the same time, file a request for excuse at the SC with an enclosure of all the documents. So your absence may be excused even in a situation where the teacher did not accept the late excuse.

Excuse from state final examinations

If you apply for a Final state exam (FSE) according to the Academic calendar and you meet the conditions for admission to the FSE at the same time, your application is binding after the end of the registration period. Therefore, you cannot cancel the registration after this date. In case you cannot participate at FSE for serious reasons, you must excuse your absence immediately when it is clear to you that you will not be able to attend FSE, but not later than within five working days after the FSE date. Do not excuse yourself directly at the department, deliver the doctor’s certificate to the SC, which will inform all relevant people (if the excuse is accepted). SC accepts the excuse if the reason is relevant - it means serious medical reasons (sickness or urgent medical intervention). In such case, you will either provide the SC with an original doctor’s certificate orthe original medical report, which will include a specific diagnosis made by the doctorand will show that the reasons for your absence from the FSE were serious.

SC refuses to recognize the excuse if:
• its credibility is dubious,
• the reason for excuse is irrelevant,
• it does not clearly explain the reason for absence,
• it was not delivered within five working days,
• it is not an original,
• is unreadable.

In other serious and special cases, a request for exemption base on the Article 43 of the SER MU must be submitted, not just a doctor’s certificate.

An original of the excuse can be delivered to the SC in person or by post to the following address: Faculty of Economics and Administration, Lipová 41a, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic. You can bring the doctor’s certificate in person during office hours to SC or Filing Office (ground floor).

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