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CERIT Scientific Cloud (CERIT-SC)


This project doesn't include Faculty of Economics and Administration. It includes Institute of Computer Science. Official project website can be found on
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1/2016 - 12/2019
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Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the CR
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Institute of Computer Science
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cloud computing and storage; compute and storage middleware; e-infrastructure

The research infrastructure CERIT-SC (CERIT Scientific Cloud) is a unique experimental environment combining computational and storage capacities with excellent expertise required for their efficient usage in various scientific areas. Hence a highly adaptive environment capable of fast reactions to evolving needs is available to the scientific community of the Czech Republic as well as its international partners.
At the experimental platform of CERIT-SC, new approaches and designs of e-infrastructure architectures and operation are developed and evaluated in collaboration with user groups. CERIT-SC also operates part of e-infrastructure of large projects (ESFRI in particular), focusing on areas where current production systems are not sufficient. Scientific collaboration with the users by direct involvement in national and international projects is a unique feature of CERIT-SC - its employees bring the necessary ICT expertise into interdisciplinary research, increasing quality of research and its outputs. Research activities of CERIT-SC on its own are also related to these collaborations, they focus on development and efficient use of e-infrastructures. CERIT-SC is the largest and the most important node of the national computational grid, and with the utilized technologies and approaches it is also the most important national partner of the emerging European Open Science Cloud initiative.
The main goal of CERIT-SC is development of the flexible experimental platform, as well as development of associated knowledge and expertise, in particular through direct research collaboration with its users. Thus CERIT-SC is a natural synergic partner of CESNET and IT4Innovations, the other partners of the complex national e-infrastructure.


Total number of publications: 212

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