Regional economics: new laboratory and PhD. programme

29 Oct 2019 Vladimír Žítek

The Department of Regional Economics and Administration is launching a new doctoral programme Regional Economics. On this occasion, the Infrastructure for Doctoral Study (i.e. Regional Economics Laboratory) was inaugurated on 24 October and the admission procedure for the postgraduate programme was started.

The ceremony was attended by professor Manfred M. Fischer, the world-famous regional science expert, who was involved in the preparation of the study programme. It was also attended by vice-rector for research and doctoral studies of MU prof. Šárka Pospíšilová, vice-dean for science, research, quality and academic qualifications of FEA MU doc. Petr Pirožek, most of the members of the Doctoral board Regional Economics and other close collaborators.

The establishment of the doctoral programme itself as well as the construction of the laboratory were supported by the OP Research, Development and Education. In the new laboratory, PhD. students will have an excellent background for their studies and research, and at the same time, this infrastructure will be used for teaching and workshops within the study.

Vladimír Žítek

guarantor of the Regional Economics programme

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