New form of State Final Examinations

14 Oct 2019 Eva Koudelková

Since the academic year 2019/2020, the process of state final examinations in all study fields and programs will be adjusted. The essence of the adjustment is the cancellation of the individual subjects’ examination; the state examination will continue to consist only of the final thesis defense and further of an expert discussion. The expert discussion will be focused on the topic of the thesis and its content framework will be given by the profile subjects of the given field of study. The total length of the state examination will be 45 minutes.

The purpose of this modification is to eliminate duplicate courses examinations which you have already properly passed and, on the contrary, to give more space for your own creative ideas and presentation of acquired knowledge and skills. We believe that by using this approach, we adapt to international customs and standards common at foreign universities. We are convinced that the ability to react in an expert context is more important for graduates of the Faculty of Economics and Administration of Masaryk University than the partial theoretical knowledge proven by answers to specific questions.

We believe that the new form of state examinations will contribute to the improvement of the whole system of teaching, while at the same time bringing you some freedom and the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge acquired throughout the study.

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