Management of the MU Faculty of Economics and Administration

doc. Mgr. Jiří Špalek, Ph.D.


The dean is appointed and removed by a rector on the proposal of the faculty’s Academic Senate. The dean is entitled to decide or act on behalf of Masaryk University in matters related to the faculty, as specified in the law, statutes, university’s rules of organisation, and other internal standards of the university, to the extent specified in those regulations. The faculty’s economic activities are methodically managed and controlled by the dean. Unless otherwise stated by the rector, the faculty is represented by the dean.

The dean’s powers are described in detail in the faculty’s Rules of Organisation.

Ing. Marie Hladká, Ph.D.

Vice-dean for Full time Studies
She considers the coordination and methodical guidance of all study matters to be a key area of ​​her agenda, from a properly set admission procedure to the successful completion of studies. She also considers the development of full-time study programs as important, reflecting the modern requirements of higher education and meeting the expectations of potential applicants.

Ing. Monika Jandová, Ph.D.

Vice-dean for Internationalisation
She sees increasing the international importance of the faculty to be a key task of her agenda, which can be achieved by strengthening international cooperation, further involvement of foreign teachers in teaching in Czech study programs, increasing the number of foreign students studying at the faculty and, last but not least, putting greater emphasis on foreign mobility of faculty staff.

doc. RNDr. Josef Kunc, Ph.D.

Vice-dean for Strategy and Development
The key areas of his agenda were identified as the fulfillment of relevant strategic and development principles of the faculty, support and assistance in the preparation and implementation of all types of project plans and, last but not least, further strengthening the high standard of project management services at FEA MU through the establishment of a new project office.

doc. Ing. Rostislav Staněk, Ph.D.

Vice-dean for Research, Science and Doctoral Studies
In the field of science and research, the direction of scientific performance towards prestigious journals and the support of scientific cooperation with foreign co-authors is considered as crucial. In the field of doctoral studies, he sees a priority in creating an international environment that will attract quality applicants.

Ing. Petr Valouch, Ph.D.

Vice-dean for Distance Learning, Life-long Learning and Quality
He considers the development and quality assurance of combined study to be key areas of his agenda, as well as the development of lifelong learning and its appropriate connection with current and forthcoming faculty study programs. His agenda also includes the accreditation of bachelor's and subsequent master's degree programs.

Ing. Bc. Sylva Žáková Talpová, Ph.D.

Vice-dean for External Relations and Partnerships
The key areas of her agenda are the communication of the activities and achievements of the faculty towards the applicants and the public, as well as the coordination and support in establishing cooperation between the faculty and external entities.


Ing. Jan Slezák

The bursar represents the dean in entrusted areas of activities, which include labour-related issues of non-academic employees, budget management and budget control, public contracts awarded by the faculty, closing of books, financial inspection, property management, construction, maintenance and repairs, operation of the faculty, operation-technical development of the faculty, health and workplace safety and protection, and fire prevention.
The powers and responsibilities of the bursar are described in detail in the faculty’s Rules of Organisation.