Erasmus+ is an exchange programme of the European Union which makes it possible for Masaryk University students to study at a wide range of European universities. Our faculty has more than 80 Partner Universities all around Europe!

Application calls dates:

  • First call (for autumn and spring semester 23/24) January 30 2023 – February 19 2023

Participation conditions

  • Throughout the period of their stay, the student must be normally enrolled in studies at the faculty/department through which the stay was organised, and the studies may not be ended or interrupted.
  • A condition for the successful completion of the foreign study stay is the gaining of at least 20 ECTS credits for a semester of study at the host institution.

Before you apply, please read carefully the information on the website of the Centre for International Cooperation - the main administrator of Erasmus+ programme at Masaryk University.

Financial conditions

The student will be given a grant from the funds for the Erasmus+ programme on the basis of a signed financial agreement. 

Differentiation of grants for Erasmus+ study placements:

  • €600/month - countries with a high cost of living:
    • Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Lichtenstein, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden
  • €480/month - countries with a low cost of living:
    • Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey

The duration of online mobility is not financially supported within the Erasmus+ programme. Financial support is given in case of physical mobility abroad.

How to choose the university

You should choose the university especially with regard to the field of your studies at the FEA MU. Check the websites of our Partner Universities to find out what courses they offer to Erasmus students. Before you make the final decision, make sure that the selected university offers relevant courses taught in a language you master.

We also recommend you to consider the costs of living in a particular country, accommodation possibilities, start and end dates of the semesters etc. You can also read about the experiences of students with the Erasmus programme and partner universities.

Do not forget to check whether your type of visa allows you to enter and stay in a particular country. If you’re not sure, please contact the Immigration Office Brno.

Application and Selection procedure

You can apply to three universities maximum. Make sure you list them according to your priorities. Applications are submitted electronically and this can be done only in the announced terms. Before submitting your application, please check if you meet the Qualification Conditions of the Erasmus+ Programme.

Mandatory attachments of the application are:

  1. Letter of Motivation
  2. Applicants Declaration Form (signed by the student)

1. Letter of motivation

Submit only one Letter including reasons for applying to all your selected universities.

You should include:

  • reasons why you want to study at the university (universities) you are applying to
  • your personal qualifications and qualities
  • academic and professional contribution of the study stay to your studies at the FEA and your future career

If you are applying to more than one university, you should mention all of them. Letters written in Spanish must be accompanied by an English translation.

2. Applicants Declaration Form

Before submitting the application, students are required to read carefully and sign the following Applicants Declaration Form.

The reason for this is to make sure all applicants are familiar with the rules of the programme (including its financial side and its impact on their studies at MUNI- course recognition processes etc.). If you don’t understand any point in the Declaration, please contact the programme coordinator who will help to clarify it. Don’t submit your application unless you really understand all aspects of this programme.

Nomination for an Erasmus+ study stay is binding. Students may cancel the nomination only for serious health or personal reasons.


Criteria for students selection

Students are selected by the Faculty. The main criteria are:

  • Grade average
  • Letter of motivation (written in the language you wish to study at the Partner University)
  • Language skills (in case you wish to study in another language than English)

Recognition of courses

The recognition of courses completed abroad is confirmed in the Learning Agreement, which must be filled in before departure.

Subjects can be recognized at the FEA in the following ways:

A - as obligatory

C - as optional

If you want to recognize a subject in form A, i.e. as the equivalent of a subject that you have in your study plan at the FEA, you must contact the guarantor of the subject in advance at our faculty, send them the syllabus of the subject and get recognition approved by e-mail, in which the guarantor confirms that the subject can be recognized. You have to upload the guarantor's approval (e.g. e-mail screenshot) as an attachment to your online Learning Agreement in ISOIS.

Before departure

Congratulations if you have been nominated!

Before your departure, please read carefully the guidelines for outgoing students.

All outgoing students have to complete a Learning Agreement which is created ONLINE in the ISOIS databasePlease read carefully the manual with instructions on how to complete the Learning Agreement.

Your Learning Agreement must be approved and signed by the Vice-Dean Ing. Monika Jandová, Ph.D., so please indicate her as the MU Departmental Coordinator in the Learning Agreement in ISOIS.

Regarding other issues (signature of the Participation Contract, payment of the scholarship, etc.), please address your coordinator from the Centre for International Cooperation.

While abroad – Individual study plan

  • Before the beginning of the respective semester, the subject Study Stay Abroad (XPX_ZASP) will be entered into the IS. Based on this course, you will be assigned an Individual Study Plan (ISP). Entitlement to the Individual Study Plan arises only if you meet the conditions for enrolment to the semester in which you complete the Erasmus + study stay.
  • The ISP allows you to enrol in courses at the FEA in the combined form and study them during your stay abroad. Whether it is possible to complete a course during the study abroad and in what form always depends on a mutual agreement with the course's guarantor.
  • The ISP also allows you to complete courses at the FEA outside the examination period. However, this is possible only with the consent and after agreement with the course's guarantor at the FEA.
  • The individual study plan lasts until the first day of the examination period of the semester following your stay abroad, i.e. for stays in the autumn semester until the beginning of the spring examination period and for stays in the spring until the beginning of the examination period in the autumn semester.

After return

After the end of the study stay, the student is obliged to deliver to the Centre for International Cooperation a confirmation of the actual length of the study stay (Confirmation of Studies) and Transcript of Records. Furthermore, the final report must be completed. Details can be found on the CIC website here.

At the FEA, you will deal with the recognition of completed courses. The application for recognition of subjects is submitted electronically in the IS (in the Internship and stays records). Courses will be recognized in the manner specified in the Learning Agreement.

The exact procedure of the steps for applying for recognition of subjects completed during a study stay abroad can be found here.

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