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Study in Czech Republic
07. 10. 2015

Accommodation scholarship

The Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administration announces the Accommodation scholarship programme to support the…

25. 09. 2015

Public Transport in Brno

For students who want to travel around Brno, please find important information about public transport here.

23. 09. 2015

Courses intructed in Foreign languages

The Faculty of Economics and Administration prepared almost 50 courses, instructed in English or German, across…

22. 09. 2015

International students welcome!

This semester we have accepted almost 80 international exchange students from 60 partner universities all over Europe…

22. 09. 2015

How to write a successful ERC proposal

We are pleased to invite you to a workshop on preparation of ERC grant proposals hold by the international ERC…

22. 04. 2015

Vladislav Valentinov: The nature of the nonprofit sector: a systems theory perspective

Srdečně vás zveme na přednášku Vladislava Valentinova z Leibniz…

01. 04. 2015

How to save a life? First Aid Course at ESF

Do you want to learn how to save a life (in English and for free :))? Students of the Faculty of Medicine…

13. 02. 2015

Tender for a research institute at FEA MU

The Dean of the Masaryk University Faculty of Economics and Administration invites applications to tender…