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What is new?

30. 03. 2016


Department of Corporate Economics – Faculty of Economics and Administration (Masaryk University) from Brno, invites you to:…

22. 03. 2016

Invitation for an European Rail Policy course

Prof Chris Nash from the Institute of Transport Studies at University of Leeds will hold a two-day…

07. 03. 2016

Video Contest

We would like to inform you about a video contest in cooperation with the Compostela Group of Universities. This is the fifth year of…

22. 02. 2016

Sports activities at Faculty of Sports Studies

Courses available for free for students of Masaryk University. There are several courses taught in…

17. 02. 2016

Masaryk University Economic Seminars

At the faculty we organize the MUES Research Seminar Series (MUES=Masaryk University Economic Seminars). Seminars…

16. 02. 2016

Webnode Job Offer

Do you see your future in marketing? Do you (want to) know what stands for SEM, SEO, PPC, CVR? Come to work in multicultural…

16. 02. 2016

Excellent opportunity for fresh graduates!

Are you looking for a job in finance? Do you speak English on an advanced level and have good communication…

02. 02. 2016

Do you like dancing?

If so, do not hesitate and join us at the Faculty ball, in Spanish rythm this year, which takes place on February 27, 2016 in…