Emergency Management Strategies Regarding Older Adults During Crises: A Scoping Review

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Rok publikování 2024
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Popis Introduction: The aging global population underscores the heightened vulnerability of older adults, particularly those who are frail, homebound, and socially isolated, in times of crises and disasters. Addressing the unique challenges faced by this demographic is imperative for effective emergency management. This study aims to synthesize and analyse existing literature on emergency preparedness, response, and recovery concerning the older population, while also taking into account the nature of crises on three different levels; micro, mezzo, and macro. Methods: A scoping review of articles published between the years 2005 to 2023 was conducted across six databases, using keywords such as 'older adults,' 'elderly', 'emergency management,' 'crisis,' and 'disaster.' Thematic analysis was applied to the retrieved data. Results: Among plethora of articles assessed, seven met the inclusion criteria and were subjected to analysis. Thematic analysis revealed four prominent themes: (1) the heightened vulnerability of older adults, (2) the shifting responsibility to individuals, (3) emergency management strategies as an afterthought, and (4) the pressing need for transformative change. Conclusions: These results underscore the need for a paradigm shift in emergency management strategies concerning older adults. Acknowledging their vulnerability, redefining responsibilities, integrating older adults themselves into broader planning frameworks, and advocating for systemic change are crucial steps. Embracing proactive measures is essential to ensure the resilience and well-being of older adults amid global aging and crises. This research lays the groundwork for future initiatives aimed at enhancing emergency preparedness, response, and recovery for this vulnerable demographic. Learning outcomes: One of the most crucial learning outcomes is a scarcity of articles focusing on the experience and perspectives of emergency services officers which underscores the need for further research in this domain. Understanding these perspectives is crucial for developing effective strategies that cater to the needs of older adults in times of crises.
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