Macro-evaluations contribution to greater accountability of policy impacts assessments in Europe (EU member states administrations overview and practice)


HRŮZA Filip VOLČÍK Stanislav

Rok publikování 2020
Druh Článek ve sborníku
Konference Smart Governments, Regions and Cities
Popis With increase of complexity in global economies demands on good governance and evidence-based policy-making are continually growing. To be able to understand to the complex space of flows and processes and to respond appropriately within various ways of policy-making, growing usage of macroeconomic evaluation and methods are recognized both in academics and public administration practice. The mainstream seems to be focused prevalently on European funds and associated issues. However, current practice shows much wider use. The aim of this paper is to explore the usage of such very specific approaches and analytical tools by European public administrations nowadays and to identify and describe its contributions to their policy evaluations. The main methods used for the purpose of this paper are literature review, descriptive analysis and content analysis. The contribution and originality of this paper is in gathering and completing the picture about macroevolutions use by public administration bodies across Europe for evidence-based policy-making based on available knowledge and information (secondary data) and from own experience (primary data). The paper also tries to answer what lessons public administration are and can possibly be learned when using such evaluation techniques. The outcomes of the research show various usages of macroevaluations from many perspectives (purpose, institutional background, modelling approach, deepness, policy recommendations etc.). Therefore current practice shows that different evaluation tools provide different outcomes so each tool enriches policy-makers with different point of view when assessing particular public policy or programme. The paper provides descriptive policy view on the use of macroevaluations.