Correction of successfully passed exams

According to the Section no 21 (Repetition of Successful Course Completion) of the Study and Examination Regulations the students are allowed to undergo a correction of a successfully finished course once per semester for one course.

If you decide for the repetition option you are required to choose from the existing offer of examination dates. You also accept the risk of achieving a worse evaluation than the one formerly achieved. In case you have enrolled in the same course in various study fields, this request is placed for all your fields. You are allowed to withdraw your request until you enrol in the new examination date. The grade which you are striving to improve is removed from IS MU records once you register for an examination date.

You can access the request in your Information system through Student – End of Term – Grades obtained – Request to correct a passing grade:

In the application, you can see for which courses you are allowed to place your request. You can place your request by clicking on "Požádat o opravu hodnocení *your grade*" ("Request a correction of the grade *your grade*"). In case it is not possible, there is written "Nelze požádat o opravu hodnocení":

How to withdraw your request

In case you have not registered for any examination date yet, you can withdraw your request by yourself by clicking on "Vzít podanou žádost zpět a vrátit moje původní hodnocení E" ("Withdraw the placed request and return to my former grade E."):

If you have already placed the request and registered for a new examination date, you will see this window saying "You cannot withdraw the request because you are already registered for an examination date after you have placed the request." In this case you are not able to withdraw the request on your own and you have to contact the Study department:

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