Societal conditions and important values for the well-being of the individual: comparison of adolescents from three different European countries. Poster presented on Biennial Meeting of Society for Research on Adolescence, San Francisco, March 22-26.


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Year of publication 2006
Type R&D Presentation
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Faculty of Social Studies

Description Data reported here are based on the adolescents' evaluations of the societal conditions and democratic values which they see as important for the well-being of the individual. Adolescents from the Czech Republic, Russia and Scotland were asked to indicate the importance of 34 terms representing different aspects of social and political life in regard to the well-being of the individual. As results showed, freedom, human rights, trust, and justice were seen generally as the most important attributes for the well-being of the individual. Regarding differences among countries (by using of a discriminant function analysis), Scottish adolescents separated from Czechs and Russians the higher importance of national identity and political life. Czech adolescents separated from Russians and Scots higher importance of democratic rules and lower importance of individualism.
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