Institucionalizace metropolitní spolupráce jako faktor zvýšení motivace obcí ke spolupráci v metropolitních oblastech

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Title in English Institutionalization of metropolitan cooperation as a factor of increasing the motivation of municipalities to cooperate in metropolitan areas


Year of publication 2020
Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
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Faculty of Economics and Administration

Description The emergence of metropolitan areas can be considered as a developmentally higher phase of urbanization associated with the development of post-industrial processes. In addition to the spatial aspect, metropolitan areas are characterized by several qualitative characteristics. They represent not only the largest territorial concentrations of the economy and population, but also the most qualitatively significant concentration of the most progressive activities of a complex nature. Along with the qualitative and quantitative shift of metropolitan areas, there is a growing need to find a suitable form of network structures and cooperation, whether formal or informal. For our purposes, the institutionalization of metropolitan cooperation is understood as the creation of a package of measures, recommendations and regulations that will affect all actors in the metropolitan area. Empirical research shows that European metropolitan areas with their executive bodies have better parameters in several socio-economic indicators. Czech metropolitan areas differ from world metropolitan areas in little importance in the global economy. Moreover, the structure of the Czech Republic is characterized by a high number of small self-governing municipalities. The new ITI territorial instrument can be described as the main catalyst for the newly initiated processes in the Brno Metropolitan Area (BMO). It has been transferred from the European level to relevant documents at national level. As soon as the Czech Republic definitively signed up for the use of the ITI tool at the level of functional urban areas in 2014, Brno continued in its activities in metropolitan cooperation and created a multilateral informal agreement with the South Moravian Region and with the five largest surrounding municipalities of Brno.
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