"A od nich mi to přišlo takový hezky přirozený": dopady Výcvikové profesionality


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Title in English "And it´s cames to me so nice natural from them": Impact of Trained professionalization


Year of publication 2019
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference Nové směry, trendy a inovace v sociální práci : Sborník vědeckých textů z mezinárodní vědecké konference XV. Hradecké dny sociální práce Hradec Králové 21. – 22. září 2018
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Faculty of Social Studies

Web sborník - open access
Keywords Trained professionalization; Social Work; Professional discourse; Specialisation
Description The theme of professionalization and professionalism of social work has been present in the field of social work since its inception. While at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries it played an important role in the creation of social work as a separate profession, at the turn of this and last century, there is growing uncertainty about whether the profession is at all. Payne sums up these ambiguities. He claims that in some situations yes, in others not. Together with the shift from modern to postmodern worldview, various concepts of the term of professionalism appear not only in social work. The paper aims to describe the concept of Trained professionalizastion in the context of tension between spcialization in social work and the dissolution of professional discourse. Postulations presented here are a partial output of research focusing on the construction of "doing social work" in situations where social workers detected struggle between professional and spiritual discourses in the context of crisis intervention.
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