Before the conference


The deadline for the application is 11th October 2022. You can find the application here.


Write your abstract in English and put it in the online application (there will be a box for that) so you will submit your abstract together with your application by 11th October 2022. The abstract should be approx. 150 words long. After the conference, all abstracts will be published on the faculty webpage.

Preparing your talk

Your talk should not take more than 20 minutes altogether. You should present for 15 minutes and leave 5 minutes for questions and discussion. Prepare an accompanying PowerPoint presentation according to the MUNI Design Template (link here).

Focus on your research that you have done in the last year.

  • your research questions, goals and used methodology
  • what literature and sources does your research follow
  • what stage is your research in
  • what development have you made in the last year, what conclusions have you reached

Do not forget to include sources you base your conference paper on.

Do not focus on budget or administrative issues connected to your Specific Research Project, focus on your research and results.

At the conference

Organisational information

You’ll be presenting in panels of 4-5 people. Please come 10 minutes before the whole panel starts, we’ll help you set up your presentations and resolve technical issues if any arise.

After you finish your talk, do not leave the room. Stay at least until the next break so you don’t disturb the rest of the presenting panel. We recommend you to go have a look at your fellow PhD students on other panels, not only will it be beneficial for you, but your friends will appreciate your support.

If any issues arise

In each of the conference rooms, there will be at least one person who will be able to help you in case of technical difficulties.


When the last 5 minutes of your talk start, you will be notified by a bell that it’s time to slowly wrap your talk up and move to the last 5 minutes that should be dedicated to discussion and answering questions from the audience. The second ring will signal the end of discussion and the next speaker will take over.

After the conference

Grab a coffee, chill, and compliment yourself on a job well done. :)

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